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PIFF After Dark

Our late-night series—for the nocturnally inclined whose cinematic tastes are adventurous—offers special treats for devotees of genre films that push boundaries. All of the screenings take place at the Cinema 21.


Friday, Feb. 12 - 10:30pm at Cinema 21


DIRECTOR: Can Evrenol - Turkey

While en route to answer distress calls from a rural village, a small group of policemen find themselves diverted to investigate a mysterious figure that skitters out into the road in front of their van. Evrenol takes viewers on a ride to hell as his characters stumble upon a ceremony with dire consequences for all involved. “Baskin has cult midnight written all over it. It’s the kind of art house horror that becomes a household name among genre fans.”– Bloody (97 mins.)

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Dir. Nick DenBoer, Davy Force | Canada
What if Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining took place in a gigantic chicken processing plant instead of the Overlook Hotel? (5 mins.)



Saturday, Feb. 13 - 11:15pm at Cinema 21


DIRECTOR: Marcin Wrona - Poland

Things quickly get out of hand at a Polish wedding when the groom appears to have been possessed by a spirit from the past. Adapted from Piotr Rowicki’s 2008 stage play “Adherence,” Marcin Wrona’s final film is a ghost story that takes the Jewish myth of the dybbuk and commingles it with strong nods to Kubrick’s THE SHINING, including the use of a Penderecki score. “The thematics give DEMON meat, make it a great film, but it’s the filmmaking that makes DEMON a great movie to watch.” – Devin Faraci, Birth. Movies. Death. (94 mins.)

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Jennifer Cox | SPAIN, US
A teenage girl has to deal with social awkwardness AND an unusual dental condition. (13 mins.)