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Films & Schedules - MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD


Fri, Feb 25, 2011
at 11:30 PM (C21)
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DIRECTOR: Tak Sakaguchi, Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura - JAPAN

“Rin’s normal high school life dramatically changes on her 16th birthday when her father reveals that he is a mutant, and she has inherited his mutant gene. Moments later, government special forces break into her home and blow both of her parents to bits. Suddenly, Rin’s dormant mutant abilities are awakened, and her arm transforms into a sharp, knife-encrusted claw! Fleeing and fighting her way, she joins a group of girls also born as mutants: one can transform her arms into swords, one can grow tentacles from her fingertips, and another can grow a chainsaw out of her body. Their mission: revenge on all who have persecuted mutants. Action-packed, hilarious, and outrageously violent, this is Japanese splatter cinema at its finest.”—Dan Halsted. (85 mins.)

Selected Filmography: Iguchi: The Machine Girl (06); Sakaguchi: Be a Man! Samurai School (08); Nishimura: Tokyo Gore Police (08).



Interests: Narrative Feature, Asian, After Dark.

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